gNg of 2015

LogogNg is a new personal blog that Chantel C, founding partner of Graham ‘N Graham, will maintain individually. This blog is meant as a way to critically comment on current issues concerning racism and homophobia.

Graham ‘N Graham was founded in Berlin Germany in October 2012 and celebrated a launch party on 14 February 2013. The project was founded by two equal partners, who had a desire to constructively combat racism and homophobia.

As stated on the original website, Graham ‘N Graham’s vision was to strive for a society in which racism and homophobia do not exist. The mission was defined to heighten the awareness of the issues concerning groups of people who experience forms of discrimination on a daily basis. The issues that the project initially took on were forms of discrimination based on a person’s ethnicity/race and/or sexual orientation. With different designs that were screen-printed on textiles, Graham ‘N Graham broached issues in a way that was direct yet non-confrontational.

Now that the founding partners have decided to discontinue their work together, the original idea and spirit of the project will continue in form of this blog as well as individually organized events. Stay tuned!


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