UK Day of Action: #InHerHonour #SayHerName

InHerHonourWhen life gives Black Women, Girls & Femmes lemons, we make lemonade!!


Join us on Thursday 19th May at Speakers’ Corner, London, and lift up our loved ones #InHerHonour and remember those lost as we #SayHerName. We must resist the silences that shroud the deaths of Black Women, Girls & Femmes. We must stand up and speak out. In this healing and powerful action, we will make it known that we are here, we are powerful, and we will not be silenced. Join us as we make and share lemonade with each other, for each other – as our ancestors did many times before – as we drink, we will listen to our stories and hear our voices, we will sing, dance, heal and hug away the pain and embrace our power within. Direct action is about more than fighting powers that seek to oppress and hurt us. It is about coming together, to care, to build strength and community. This action is an act of self care, for ALL our sisters (cis, trans and intersex). It is to lift up, unite, connect, heal and build. Join us as we say: “I love myself. Every single thing. From the colour of my skin. To my soul energy”. Action Schedule 18:00-20:30

  • 18:00-19:00 IN HER HONOUR
    Making Lemonade, Healing/Opening Rituals/ Lifting each other up and naming Black Women, Girls & Femmes who have given for our liberation. 19:00-20:00 SAY HER NAME (cis, trans & intersex)
    Open mic for Black Women, Black Girls & Black Femmes
    Poems, Speeches & Words* from Sisters, Mothers, Aunties, Lovers, Daughters who have lost their beloved’s
    Self-Care Circle & Chanting from all those standing up and working towards justice for ALL Black women, girls and femmes. *We have some phenomenal women joining us. We will not be releasing their names, as we want to honour those whose names we seldom hear – but know that you will be in the presence of pure #BlackGirlMagic 20:00-20:30 BLACK LIVES MATTER Healing/Closing Rituals/Chants

    Last year over 20 cities in the U.S. participated in a national day of action to lift up Black women, girls and femmes lived experiences of state violence. This year, on Thursday May 19th, #BlackLivesMatter, BYP 100 and Project South are mobilising together, in unity, to hold a 2nd National #SayHerName Day of Action to End State Violence Against Black Women, Girls and Femmes. In solidarity, a coalition of activists in the UK will be holding our own national action to show up for our US movement family, as well as lifting up our stories and amplifying our UK voice – providing a UK context when it comes to government cuts to domestic violence services in the UK, violence against women (cis, trans* & intersex), State and institutional violence against Black women, girls and femmes – so that we can deepen our (inter)national conversation and participate in collective activism that heals and gives a safe space for all sisters (cis, trans, intersex) voices to be heard.

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